On Wednesday, November 6th, Lansing’s NPSL soccer team will host a fan party at Jimmy’s Pub where we will announce our team name and crest as selected by the soccer fans in Mid-Michigan. The party is sponsored by CASL and will begin at 5:30. Owner Jeremy Sampson will make the announcement of the name along with the unveiling of the crest. Head Coach Eric Rudland will be there as well to meet the fans and to share some words as he prepares for the inaugural season. Jeremy and Eric will also be making an announcement concerning the 2014 roster that you won't want to miss.

All soccer fans are invited to join us on the 6th to see if their name was selected for Lansing's NPSL team, or just to celebrate this incredible milestone.

“We have been looking forward to this night for weeks so that the fans will have an opportunity to see what our name is,” said Sampson. “We think that they will be blown away by the quality of our crest. We partnered with local branding agency Traction. Camron Gnass and his team have come up with something that we think the fans will love.”
Lansing’s NPSL team will compete in the Midwest conference of the Great Lakes Division with play beginning in May of 2014.