Charmed Winter hit Chattanooga on May 11 when Thibault (pronounced Tebow) Charmey scored a goal off an assist by Luke Winter and Luke Winter scored a goal off a Thibault Charmey assist. It happened again on May 14 and again on May 25. The pattern suggests a permanent change in Scenic City climate, and the phenomenon appears to be strengthening. After three rounds of both Winter-Charmey goals and Charmey-Winter goals, Winter blew in full-force, ensuring a John Carrier goal, as well.  

Chattanooga Football Club veteran Luke Winter, an Englishman by birth, met up with Thibault Charmey, a native of France, at Finley Stadium in April of 2013. The energy created when these two international forces collided in a new atmosphere immediately set Chattanooga abuzz. And the instant rise in heat has cycled into a stronger overall Chattanooga FC team. 
Charmey reports that he likes playing with Winter: “I know I can count Winter to give me great balls and also make good runs. He’s really unselfish, and he’s working for the team.”
Luke Winter is a three year veteran of Chattanooga FC. A highly decorated player from Tennessee Wesleyan College and the 2012 AAC Championship MVP, Winter currently serves as an assistant coach for Shorter College in Rome, GA. As an all-time Chattahooligan favorite, he is the humble subject of the ominous “Winter is coming” chant. 
Winter feels Charmey has been a great addition to the team:  “Charmey has amazing ability on the field. He understands what the Club is about and his role within the community. Along with that, he is a good teammate, fun character, and always willing to go beyond regular duties to make sure we are all our best.” Thibault Charmey has been playing collegiate soccer for the University of West Alabama, where he is a leading scorer and an exceptional student. His performance has instigated the Chattahooligan chant “Our Tebow Plays.” 
Of course, both Winter and Charmey recognize that they have benefitted from the initial warming created by the Club’s impressive management and dedicated fan base, as well as the pressure that arises from the overall talent of their squad.  In fact, Winter gives the credit for this new atmospheric phenomenon to the Chattanooga FC backfield: “Our solid defense builds confidence in the attacking players. Knowing we are secure in the back takes pressure off and allows us to try new things and express ourselves on the field. The ability of the other nine players on the field has allowed me and Thibault to be in position for goals and assists.”
For a listing of all the sites that will be hit by Charmed Winter this summer visit http://www.chattanoogafc.com/schedule/2013.
Photo Credit: Abby Gengozian