Houston Hurricanes FC President Brendan Keyes has announced that his NPSL team will play their home games at Lutheran South Academy for the next five years.

"We are delighted," Keyes said. "It was our first choice right from the beginning. Lutheran run a great program and soccer is big part of the private school."

"We are happy to work with such a prestigious club as the Hurricanes FC with a rich history in the game of soccer in Houston and Texas," Lutheran Academy Director of Athletics Rob Psencik commented. "Bringing them in can only help our guys get better."

"When Brendan told me the news I was elated, it was our goal to play here and it’s always great to get what you want," Head Coach Thiago Reis stated. "I am very happy to be playing at Lutheran South Academy, a school with a fantastic academic program and a man in charge of the Athletics Department that has the vision we share.

The facility offers 2,000 seats for fans and supporters of the Hurricanes.

"The buzz is great at the moment and we can’t wait to get started in our new home," Keyes added.

Photo Credit: Lutheran South Academy