January 23, 2012

Tryouts for Miami United, held on Monday, January 21, 2013, proved to be a huge success for the Miami community.
“We are so pleased to bring Miami United to a higher level of organization and professionalism. What we experienced on Monday has only brought us one step closer to reaching our ultimate goal of joining MLS,” said Roberto Sacca, President and CEO of the Miami United Football Club.
The Miami United Football Club is a privately owned soccer team focused on initial participation in the NPSL's annual Sunshine Conference with the intention of expanding into further areas of opportunity as it grows.
“Miami United is here to bring the community together for the love of the game. Our tryouts attracted players from all over the world representing countries such as Brazil, China, Columbia, Italy, and Puerto Rico; diversity that we see every day in the city of Miami,” Sacca continued. 
Families gathered together in the bleachers at Curtis Park, crossing fingers and cheering on their loved ones, all focused on one common goal. 
Photo Credit: Miami United FC