RVA FC continues its goal of spreading the beautiful game with a new sponsor.

Greg Simmonds, GM of RVA FC, is pleased to announce a partnership with Futbolr Clothing.

“Futbolr is a great company that is all football gear,” Simmonds said. “Everything that they have the players will enjoy.”

The clothing company is geared towards soccer-based audiences in the United States. Co-founder of Futbolr Clothing Leroi Wilson says the company’s ability to connect to the soccer grassroots movement sets them apart from the larger sporting goods companies. Wilson also wants buyers to be able to wear his company’s gear away from the pitch and show their love of the game.

“You can wear this to the field and we want you to be able to wear this when you’re off the field,” said Wilson. “We want you to be able to wear this at any given point in time and say, ‘hey I’m a lover of soccer’.”

Simmonds says their vision for the club lines up perfectly with the identity Futbolr has established.

“They’re just passionate for the game and they want to give back and try and promote the game as well and that’s why it’s a perfect fit,” Simmonds said.

It also gives RVA FC the opportunity to give their players sponsors they can relate to off the field and it continues the fun environment Simmonds wants.

“We want the boys to be looking good and have a good time,” said Simmonds.

As the common phrase goes, “Look good, play good,” Wilson believes Simmonds and RVA FC have begun to put something special together.

“Knowing the owners and knowing they’re going to put a quality product on the field to go along with our quality product, it’s a win-win for both of us,” Wilson said. “Coming in with a first-year club and knowing the owners are excited about what they’re doing just piggy backs on the excitement that we have.”

With the partnership, Futbolr Clothing becomes the official clothing line for the club.

The club will feature talent from the area college teams as well as players from throughout the United Sates. RVA FC will kick-off their first season in May with a full schedule to be released at a later date.