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NPSL postpones 2010 Winter Season

Ryan Knapp
Monday, September 27, 2010—9:00 a.m. EST

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The National Premier Soccer League has announced the 2010 Winter Season will be postponed due to the Midsouth Conference not meeting  the minimum standards of a four team league.

"When we first met with the teams, we informed them they must have four teams to start a new season." said NPSL Commissioner Dan Trainor. "There were three solid teams who were ready to play since day one, but, after several attempts, the fourth team never came to fruition. We attempted to work with them on finding a fourth team, but in the end they couldn't meet the minimum number of teams and will not be participating in a Winter Season in 2010."

The NPSL will postpone the 2010 Winter Season, but it will return in 2011 and the league will open it up to the other conferences.

"There is a very large market for year-round soccer." said Trainor. "We are confident we can find other teams who are interested not only in the South, but throughout the U.S."

"The structure is in place, we simply need the teams to fill it."

The NPSL as a league continues to grow steadily in the off-season.  The summer-based 2011 Premier League looks as if it will be the biggest in the league's history.

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