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NPSL 2010 All-Star Selections

Ryan Knapp
July 20, 2010—8:40 am EST

BUFFALO, NY—The National Premier Soccer League is proud to release it’s 2010 NPSL All-Star team. The players selected will take part in the first NPSL Pro Combine and NPSL All-Star game vs Rocket City United — held in conjunction with the 2010 NPSL Final Four in Madison, Alabama, July 29-August 1.

The pro combine consists of three separate training sessions held in Madison, Alabama and culminates with the 2010 NPSL All-Star match on Friday, July 30th at 8:00 pm. The NPSL All-Stars will square off against hosts Rocket City United.

Players may be added after the initial release, so please check back for changes. 

Region Team Name Position
West SD Boca Justin Picou F
West SD Boca Andrews Canizales M
Midwest Eau Claire Aris FC Troy Osbourne GK
Midwest Eau Claire Aris FC Mike Gumz M
Midwest Eau Claire Aris FC Grant Hornvendt D
Midwest Chicago Fire NPSL Ryan Schwarz  
Midwest Chicago Fire NPSL Al Palaar  
Northeast Brooklyn Italians Darwin Iriate M
Northeast Brooklyn Italians Semso Nikocevic M
Northeast New York Athletic Club Will Young M/D
Northeast New York Athletic Club Scott Brody GK
Northeast Morris County Colonials Jonathan Yazo F/M
Northeast Morris County Colonials Jean Pierre Berr-Perez M
Northeast NJ Blaze Kevin Davis GK
Northeast NJ Blaze Cory Bachstein D
Northeast FC Reading Revolution Gibrilla Conde F
Northeast FC Reading Revolution Greg Ermold D
Northeast Pocono Snow Spencer Shastri M/F
Northeast Pocono Snow Jason Rudder M/F
Northeast Pocono Snow Roshane Ellison M
Northeast Pocono Snow Danny Drago F/M
Northeast FC Buffalo Dan Panaro GK
Northeast FC Buffalo Dan Stevens M/F
Northeast New Hampshire Mountaineers Gabriel Mercier D
Northeast FC Sonic James Graf D
Northeast FC Sonic Ricky Mucelli M
South FC Tulsa Juan Peralta M/D
South FC Tulsa Abed Elkour F/M